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the starting point

People come in all sizes of groups - and while we thoroughly enjoy hosting solo diners, pairs, threes, fours and fives - we like to think we excel at accommodating larger parties. For six heads or more, we highly recommend a group menu - and in fact, on Fridays and Saturdays, it's the only way we're able to accommodate a large party. The group menu is served family-style in four courses, gives a nice cross-section of our offerings, and ensures that your party leaves happy and full.  It can be done for as many as 35 in adjacent spaces - which are illustrated below. 

We're more than happy to accommodate any and all dietary restrictions, and are glad to add dishes or subtract, tailoring the dinner to your desires and budget - so long as you let us know in advance. For inquiries and bookings, please send us a note here. 

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