what we do

Peoples Eatery, first and foremost, is about the culture and people of Toronto.  For many years, people begrudged our young city as not having a food culture of it's own - an idea we reject completely. Toronto's food culture is a culture of all of the cultures, and that is exactly what we celebrate every day at Peoples Eatery.  

Personally, we love to eat all the best food from the furthest corners of city - so what we aim to accomplish at Peoples is a dining experience where one eats a range of dishes from a range of cultures, as if  taking a tour of the city, eating in good restaurants at every stop.  


First and foremost, we're here to enrich your lives with thoughtful, delicious food. We serve full dinner seven days a week until 11pm, and a smaller but still satisfying late-night menu until 2am on Fridays and Saturdays.  


We pick every wine, beer, and cocktail with close consideration to value, pride of place, and above all: deliciousness. Come crush beers and blackbirds or try half pours from our carefully selected wines by the glass; we offer a lotta strokes for a lotta different folks.


It's at the core of everything we hold near and dear:  When you visit we want to take care of you, like an old friend from a distant land.