The heart of our philosophy is that Toronto is an unbelievable city on the cusp of self awareness.  For decades, self-deprecation was our modus operandi, not knowing who we were, let alone being able to celebrate it. The city is getting more and more beautiful, and our aim at Peoples is to package that sentiment and deliver it with warmth, hospitality, and culinary expertise: our tasting menu is the best of what we do.   

Ultimately - it's like a chauffeured ride around the city, with stops at a broad range of top-notch establishments. It follows the traditional tasting menu arc: 6 to 8 dishes - starting light and usually vegetal, up through light proteins into heavier ones, and ending with sweets. The theme of each menu is total cultural diversity: a celebration of Toronto - all that it is, has been, and will become.  Some dishes are among our most beloved or newest from the a-la-carte menu, some are completely unique to the tasting; you're likely to dine upstairs, but may be on either floor. 

Below you'll find a recent tasting menu; we serve it seven nights a week, by email or phone reservation only. Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance at for tasting menu bookings, and please specify desired time, party size, and any dietary restrictions the group may have; the cost is ninety dollars per person.  Please note that the menu does change slowly, over the course of time, and may/may not be as illustrated below.