Best Drugstore Makeup Kits 2019 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Seeking the right shade of red lipstick, if not carefully contained, can run off into the hours while you struggle to determine whether ruby red or crimson red is ideal for your skin tone. Indeed, the options can seem limitless and almost indecipherable to those less seasoned in the makeup realm.


Luckily, there is a rescue for those lost at sea or even just a fun option for those veteran makeup lovers who don’t just like experimenting with their looks but wants to try available brands as well. They are called makeup kits and they can be just a few basic make up necessities or a huge collection of makeup conducive to those who love to switch up their look.

Either way they are a convenient, easy, and great option for anyone interested in the centuries old art of beauty enhancement.​

6 Best Drugstore Makeup Kits Reviews:

1. SHANY All In One Harmony Makeup Kit


The Shanty All in One Harmony is one of the top selling makeup kits and here’s why!

This kit offers both quality and quantity to potential customers and commendably, it is cruelty free. The highlight of this kit would be its eye colours; 98 highly pigmented shimmer eyeshadows and 70 softer pastel shimmer eyeshadows altogether.

The hues vary significantly from lovely lilacs, bold blues, pretty pinks, shimmery silvers to creams and browns, making each color a useful addition. Also included are applicator brushes, 6 lip glosses and 3 blushes. Everything piles together in a sleek, convenient case and with all this make up, your experimentation with looks and colors will be endless.

2. SHANY The Masterpiece 7 Layers All In One Makeup Set

Another honorable mention goes to Shany’s ‘The Masterpiece 7 Layers All in One,” makeup kit. This makeup kit is divided into 7 detachable layers of high quality makeup. Welcome to the budding makeup artist’s dream perhaps? The company specifically highlights that this particular kit has come about after several months of research, testing and improvement.

What does that mean for a potential customer?

Well, it means that this new design greets you at the first layer with super pigmented, matte powder blush shades, conducive for everyday wear.

Moving on to the second layer, your kissable soft lips can be transformed into any of the 32 semi-matte lip colours available; pouty pink, classic red or outrageously orange for whenever you feel a bit more daring.

The third layer supplies 15cream foundations/concealers and contour shades that set to a powdery matte finish and is suitable for most skin types.

The last four layers contain high pigmented matte, shimmer, and pearl eye finish shadows. The 4 layers are broken down to 4 themes that expand across blues, greens, earthy colours and pinks and purple.

3. Maybelline New York Gilded Makeup Kit Palette, Gold

This kit’s compact built may appear mute but its reviews are raving! This drugstore makeup kit is ideal for anyone desirous of a bronze goddess look.

It features Beige, Deep Gold, Light Gold and Matte Brown hues with a step by step guide for perfect application and the eyeshadows are wearable for most complexions, including those of a fairer tone.

The tight packaging makes it easy to carry around and because this kit has everything you need to maintain your look, it saves you the hassle of hauling around additional makeup, except maybe some mascara? This package also includes eyeliner, highlighter, bronzer and a sultry red lip color, perfect for just a pop of color.

4. ETA 34 Runway Colors Complete Makeover Kit With Brushes Eye Pencil And Mirror 2.4 oz

ETA Runway Colors is a hypoallergenic and fragrance free makeup kit, which is a good news for potential customers with sensitive skin.

The compact design opens up to an assortment of 24 pigmented eyeshadows ranging from cool blues to Smokey eye darks; their shimmery undertones are ideal for those interested in highlighting this particular facial feature.

Moving forward, the underneath compartment extends to reveal, four lips glosses, two foundations and four blushes. These foundations, blushes and eyeshadows are made with fine mineral powder, which not only means it will be light on the skin but it also gives for a silky smooth finish.

5. Cameo Carry All Beauty Case 90pc Pro Make Up Set – Premium Collection

The Cameo Carry All Beauty Case is extremely compartmentalized; it would easily blend into one of 007’s devices if James was a Jane. Luckily, everything retracts and makes for easy storage.

Within this collection, the makeup lover is sure to find a little of everything including a selection of 48 fresh and light or more toned and earthy eyeshadow colours.

In addition, there includes three different shades of face powders, lips sticks and glosses, lip and eyeliners, mascara, nail polishes, glitter, a range of applicators and more. With this one Makeup Kit, a potential customer can create any look suitable for day or night.

6. BR 2012 Complete Makeup Kit Runway Colors 68 #BR275

This neat, space saving kit is ideal for someone who finds themselves constantly on the move.

BR 2012 Complete also comes with a wide selection of eyeshadow colours. There are 42 color options that lend to the following looks; vibrant and fun, light and pretty or a more of a dark look. Therefore, this kit makes it easy to spicy up your look regardless of your mood/occasion.

How convenient is that?

It also includes 2 face powders, 17 blushes, 4 lips glosses, 1 eye pencil and mascara, everything you need to touch up your look and always maintain a polished face.

Did you find a drugstore makeup kit that you love?  Tell us about it!​

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